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stardirt. she/it pronouns as used for the moon and earth.

previously soaked-grass. i am a leimonide,
and i can only be seen when seed pods pop.

this is my web diary.

there are so many climbable trees i am enjoying myself ah

i entered a new woods and found a trail i think but i had to stop by this pond


there are people who actually think abortion is murder but killing animals isnt

Bind-Breaking Protection Spell


I’d posted this awhile back on another blog but I wanted to bring it back because reasons …

The following spell is meant to break a binding ritual with another person.


(Source: clockworkbuttlord)



i became the exact kind of wreck that i always refused to have sympathy for and i’m sorry it took this to make me promise not to be that way anymore (i mean it though. even when i’m better again)

i want to try to draw and write again i want to do something about how dreadful i um “dreadful” just autocorrected to “dream full” at first now i forgot what i was going to say oh-well i’m going to run away on a bike to a woods i’ve never been in before everybody gets home

Anonymous: mmm, never tried hookah, but it looks classy as hell. might some day, i love smoking clove ciggs, a slight purple smoke & sweet blueberry taste, cant beat it.

ooh i’ve never had any flavored cigarettes. you should really try hookah it’s yummy and the smoke isn’t hot and it moves slowly so you can play with it/do more tricks. my mix is lemon-rose-mint in an orange head and ice in the vase❤️

lunar phases